Joint pain

Millions of people worldwide suffer from severe joint pain, particularly during the winter months. Whether it is in knees, hands or feet: In the cold season, our cartilage absorbs less nutrients and oxygen increases the swelling and pain in joints.

Here some tips how to minimize your joint pain:

  • Wellness for painful joints: a sauna provides a change between cold and warm which activates anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances. A good alternative to a sauna is a warm bath with Chamomile, Turmeric, Marjoram oil as this promotes circulation, which can reduce the pain.
  • Massage your joints with Rosemary oil, or apply a heat pack or water bottle.
  • Stay active, even if you more fancy being cuddled up on warm sofa. Some doctors suspect that it is not the cold, but the lack of movement that is responsible for joint problems during the winter. Therefore, make sure you do at least a daily walk with warm, windproof clothing.
  • Green tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties, which are particularly active in the cartilage cells of the joints. Squeeze some lemon in your tea, this provides the body’s optimal absorption of the tea.
  • Our diet has a direct impact on the health of our joints. Reduce your intake of red meat and replace it with fish, which reduces the level of inflammation. The omega-3 fatty acids will also counteract a further progress of the arthrosis.

Homeopathy has some gentle solutions for joint pains. If you would like to know what it can do for your joints please give me a call ….