Homeopathic Services



Homeopathy is a time-tested system of health care used for a wide range of health conditions. It is a method of treatment that supports the body’s own healing mechanism. Homeopathy seeks to address the underlying cause of the disorder to provide relief and triggers the body’s ability to heal itself by stimulating a precise reaction in the body against the symptoms.


Homeopathy has been used in a potential range of conditions such as: respiratory ailments, digestive issues, skin problems, headache, pain, fatigue, chronic stress, sleeping difficulties, environmental sensitivities, auto-immune disease, neurological conditions, as well as many others.

What happens in a consultation?

The initial meeting is a 90 min interview (60 min for children), in which you describe in detail what is bothering you as well as your health history. Homeopathy is a healing modality that views your physical, mental and emotional symptoms as a whole, so the interview is broad in perspective. The consultation is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere of care, professionalism and respect. You will have the time you need to say what is on your mind. After the initial interview, I will analyse your case, and give you the recommended remedy. We then will schedule a follow-up phone call or session (30 – 60 min) to track your progress on the remedy. You will have support and communication from me during this process. Our mutual goal is to find relief for you.

How long does Homeopathic Care last?

The length of Homeopathic care depends on your condition and how long you have been unwell for. The initial goal is to find you relief that is significant and sustaining – enabling you to feel good and be in more control of your health and well-being. Once we find a good remedy for you, the process can move to periodic communication to track your progress. The next goal is to get you to a place in which your condition is either resolved or stabilized so that you can live your life with less thought about the conditions that had been bothering you.


The initial consultation is $140 (children $110). Follow-up consultations are $110 (children $90). The fee includes the analysis and the remedy.

Acute Illness

For an acute illness with a duration less than 3 weeks (e.g. the flu, a sprained ankle, food poisoning) a Homeopathic remedy can be prescribed for you on an acute basis. An acute appointment takes around 30 minutes and will be $50.

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