Child in autumn forest

Health tips for autumn

After a long summer, autumn is finally here!!! What can you do to stay healthy during a cool and wet autumn?

Fresh air: Even if the temperatures have dropped, make sure you go outside (be physically active). Daylight and fresh air improve the mood, stimulate the immune system and keeps you fit. Use your lunch break for a short walk. Furthermore, do not forget to air your workplace and your home. Well aired rooms make it more difficult for bacteria and viruses to settle in.

Vitamins: Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables boost the vitamin intake. The following foods will help you to rejuvenate a damaged immune system: ginger (in combination with lemon, honey and hot water), rosehip, or elderberry.

Sufficient liquid: Drink enough during the cold season (water!). Heated rooms make the air become dry, which in turn affects our mucous membranes. The drier the mucous membranes, the easily it is for viruses and bacteria to settle in.

Exercises: Regular sport is another way to strengthen your defences. If you prefer not to go outside in the wet, cold autumn weather, how about visiting a swimming pool or a gym?

Hand washing: Wash your hands regularly to prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading.

Laughing: And finally laughing helps! It strengthens your immune system. Try it: smile and you will see, your opposite will do the same to you!