Joyful Christmas - Homeopathic tips

Joyful Christmas – Homeopathic tips

Christmas, the time of family and joy. But it can also be the time of stress and digestive complaints as we have family, food and drinks in abundance. For a joyful Christmas – Homeopathic tips.


Make your Christmas preparation more enjoyable!

The last days before Christmas are usually the most demanding. Buying gifts, groceries shopping, preparing food, wrap presents, cleaning the house. Don’t let this increase your stress level. Are you irritable, impatient and ambitious to make it a perfect celebration? The homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica can bring peace into your Christmas preparations. If, on the other hand, you are trembling from excitement and may suffer from headaches or diarrhoea, try Gelsemium? People who need Gelsemium may feel tired and weak. Also, sick from excitement, but extremely hectic and hurried, consider the remedy Argentum Nitricum!


Let the kids be excited!

Children are usually very excited in the days before Christmas and can hardly wait for Santa. The remedy Coffea is helpful if your child is constantly in motion, can hardly calm down, talks like a waterfall, and may have trouble sleeping.


Relieve your Digestive System!

When Santa finally arrives and when you enjoyed your delicious Christmas dinner a little too much and you feel nausea and bloated afterwards, Nux Vomica can give you great relief. Also, if you suffer from indigestion after the consumption of greasy meat or cream or if you have eaten too much, Pulsatilla is indicated.


If you have a particular health concern regarding coping with Christmas or if you have any questions about the above … get in touch with me!