children during war

War children and grandchildren

Today’s war children and grandchildren What do the following have in common: Soldiers who fought against each other in WWI, Civilians of bomb attacks in WWII or American soldiers stationed in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan? They were all experiencing very traumatic events which left lifelong gruesome images in their heads. Many of them were lucky

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Joint pain

Millions of people worldwide suffer from severe joint pain, particularly during the winter months. Whether it is in knees, hands or feet: In the cold season, our cartilage absorbs less nutrients and oxygen increases the swelling and pain in joints. Here some tips how to minimize your joint pain: Wellness for painful joints: a sauna

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Arnica: jet lag support

Arnica your jet lag support Winter: This is the time when many Kiwis decide to escape the wet and cold season. To travel to a warmer destination or take the opportunity to visit friends and relatives on the other side of the world. This means 4 – 24 hours squashed in a plane seat, up

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Child in autumn forest

Health tips for autumn

After a long summer, autumn is finally here!!! What can you do to stay healthy during a cool and wet autumn? Fresh air: Even if the temperatures have dropped, make sure you go outside (be physically active). Daylight and fresh air improve the mood, stimulate the immune system and keeps you fit. Use your lunch break

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Arnica Flower

Arnica: The Silver Bullet for Swelling and Bruises

Arnica Montana is doubtfully the best-known homeopathic remedy. Bringing spectacular results, this remedy has “converted” many people to homeopathy.While most of us know the benefits of Arnica for bruising and bruises, it has other applications you may not be aware of: haemorrhage over-exertion of the body & muscle ache broken bones & sprainsbrings down the swelling,prevents bruisingspeeds

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Children on grass

Tips for Summer

Summertime means Sunshine, BBQs and Picnics. However, make sure you don’t experience the dark side of the sunny season. There are a few things you should not forget during our hot summer: SunburnYour body is designed to get the vitamin D it needs by producing it when your bare skin is exposed to sunlight. Getting enough vitamin D from sun exposure is

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