Arnica Flower

Arnica: The Silver Bullet for Swelling and Bruises

Arnica Montana is doubtfully the best-known homeopathic remedy. Bringing spectacular results, this remedy has “converted” many people to homeopathy.
While most of us know the benefits of Arnica for bruising and bruises, it has other applications you may not be aware of:

  • haemorrhage
  • over-exertion of the body & muscle ache
  • broken bones & sprains
    brings down the swelling,
    prevents bruising
    speeds up the healing process
  • strains
  • bleeding
  • concussion & head injury
  • exhaustion & trauma from air travel
  • emotional shock after a physical and/or mental trauma 
  • black eye & eye injuries
  • after surgery (as a pain relieve and to promote more rapid healing)
  • after dental treatment & bleeding gum
  • nose bleed
  • flu with sore and bruised feeling
  • low-back pain
  • insect bites (reduces swelling)
  • sore feet (from too much standing or working out)
  • after child birth (relieves soreness, stops the bleeding and relieves the emotional trauma for mother and baby)

Arnica helps the body to re-absorb the blood and discoloration from injuries resulting in swelling and bruising, but it also helps with the emotional shock of an unexpected injury. It is known as the “kid’s plaster” as it calms the emotions after a fall.

You can take Arnica as a homeopathic remedy with you wherever you go. Keep in in your bag, car, buggy, wallet. You never know when you will need it for injury of any variety. Self-prescribing is only recommended when treating acute health issues. Chronic issues require the advice of a qualified Homeopath. Medical advice and treatment should also not be neglected.

Homeopathic remedies are absorbed in the mouth. Avoid taking any fluids or foods for at least 15 min before and after each dose (unless urgent). This is because anything containing very strong smells may interfere with the remedy. Frequency of dose depends on the intensity of the complaint – the more intense the symptoms, the more frequent the dose. Stop if improving. Don’t continue if it does not help after 3 doses.

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