Arnica: jet lag support

Arnica your jet lag support Winter: This is the time when many Kiwis decide to escape the wet and cold season. To travel to a warmer destination or take the opportunity to visit friends and relatives on the other side of the world. This means 4 – 24 hours squashed in a plane seat, up to 39.000 feet above sea-level.


Many travelers suffer from jet lag. Flying long distances unsettles the body’s natural pattern. The rhythms that dictate times for sleeping, eating, body temperature variation and hormone regulation and other functions. They no longer correspond to the environment, nor to each other in some cases. While crossing time zones is one of the main causes. Dehydration and problems from pressurized cabins, lack of fresh air, sleep and exercise are other main factors relating to jet lag.


Homeopathy offers a remedy that helps the body’s natural ability to cope with long distance air travel and helps restore normal sleep patterns:


Arnica: Jet lag support

Arnica should be taken at the time of take-off, and every two hours during the flight, until you get to your destination. If you manage to get a few hours of sleep where you can’t take the remedy, then just start again taking it when you wake up.


Homeopathic remedies are safe and suitable for everyone including babies and pregnant woman. Babies and little kids can get very irritable and restless when flying. You may want to consider the homeopathic remedy Chamomilla. This can calm them down within a short time.


Homeopathic remedies are most effective when taken separately from food and drink. To make administration easier you can put the remedy in a clean bottle of water and sip on it during your flight.


Make sure you drink lots of water to stay hydrated and do some exercises during your flight.


Travel safe and enjoy your flight!!!