About Marita

Marita Kuntz

Classical Homeopath DipHom (NZ)

My introduction to Homeopathy came as a result of an auto-immune condition I had faced for several years. My experiences and research into this system of health care inspired me to become a Classical Homeopath in order to provide others with this effective, gentle and safe form of medicine. I want to educate parents and individuals how to use some of the more common remedies easily. Furthermore, I wanted to raise the awareness and accessibility of Homeopathy in New Zealand.


Brought up in Germany, I moved to New Zealand 12 years ago with my kiwi husband. We now live with our three daughters in Bayswater, where we can enjoy this beautiful part of New Zealand. In my free time I pursue several water activities and enjoy beach and bush walks.


I graduated from the College of Natural Health and Homeopathy in 2014 with a Diploma of Homeopathy. I am guided by ethical principles of the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths in all areas of my practice. I act in the client’s best interest at all times. I will conduct my cases with compassion, respect, integrity, and honesty. I will record all necessary information for cases and treat as strictly confidential. I will constantly monitor my own competency and be aware of the necessity to refer the client to a doctor if the need arises.


“I want to make a change in people’s lives”